Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Enviros on the run!

Writing at the Financial Post, a Canadian newspaper, environmentalism reporter Lawrence Solomon has an excellent piece summarizing the current state of affairs in the alarmist environmentalist camp.  Fortunately, at least for those who value liberty and understand the enviro movement for what it is, the alarmists are taking a pounding.  His article covers a wide range of interrelated topics, but here's a passage I particularly liked:
...[in]a 17-year study of attitudes conducted by the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) in 33 countries, most people in all countries rank global warming way down their list of concerns. In Norway, just 4% considered global warming to be the country’s most important issue — and Norwegians were the most concerned of all of the citizens studied. In Canada, also high up the list, the figure was just 3%; in Great Britain less than 1% and in the U.S. the concern and was less than one half of 1%.

Not surprisingly, in most countries few people even consider global warming — whether or not caused by man — to rise to the level of being extremely dangerous: In Norway, a mere 11.8% of the population fear it, in Great Britain 16.3%, in the U.S. 19.6%. Even in relatively alarmist Canada the great majority take global warming in stride — only 27.8% see it as doom-worthy.
 Looks like the enviro's fear-mongering efforts these last 25 years or so have not been successful.  And that is a great thing.