Thursday, March 28, 2013

Considering donating to your alma mater? Read this first.

The Heartland Institute's Somewhat Reasonable blog has a lot of interesting posts.  Here's a selection from one that presents ten reasons not to donate to your alma mater:

10.  They don’t need the money as badly as you do.
As of 2012, sixty-nine colleges and universities, from Amherst to Yale, from Notre Dame to Yeshiva, had endowments of at least one billion dollars each.  That’s one billion, with a “B.”  Topping the list is Harvard with over $30 billion in the bank, but Yale, Stanford, and Princeton all exceeded $15 billion and every school in the Big Ten but Iowa makes the list – and that state makes up for it with tiny Grinnell College at roughly $1.4 billion.  The combined total of all college endowments is probably not quite enough to pay off the national debt, but it’s a lot more than you will ever have in your 401(k).

It's a pretty interesting can read about the other nine reasons here.