Thursday, March 7, 2013

Because us gun owners obviously have anger management issues

A Florida legislator wants to make purchasing ammo contingent on completing an anger management course.  Now this blatantly unconstitutional, massive time, energy, and money-wasting, attention-grabbing ploy has no chance of passing the Florida state legislature.  Nevertheless, I wanted to call your attention to it for two reasons: first, it shows how low gun control advocates are willing to stoop to for their cause; and secondly, it gives me a chance to showcase this tremendous comment about the bill and its sponsor from Orlando attorney Jon Gutmacher:
Gutmacher said he found the bill to be an “insult” to any gun owner in the Sunshine State.

“It’s absurd on its face,” he continued. “And anyone who proposes that legislation is in my mind unfit for the legislature because it shows a basic problem with their thinking process, aside from their lack of understanding of what the Constitution is all about. That’s the kind of bill that doesn’t even get past committee.”
Read the whole article here. (HT: DrudgeReport)