Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And the winner of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize is....Walmart!

Well, no.  But a short essay I read the other day praising Walmart reminded me that there are those who think it should happen (heck, if Gore, Arafat, and Obama can win the NPP, why not Walmart?).  With that in mind, first up is a quote from the short essay I mentioned:
One of the main reasons such people give for opposing Walmart is that, when the retailer comes to town, many competing mom-and-pop shops will be driven out of business. And so, they argue, Walmart should be prevented from constructing locations within city limits so as to protect all of the local businesses that have been operating for decades. 
But this attitude amounts to objecting to Walmart because it is too good at offering people what they want. It amounts to condemning Walmart for the “crime” of being so beloved by consumers that they will all want to shop at Walmart, instead of the local mom-and-pops they used to patronize.
Secondly, a link from the irrepressible Mark Perry from a few years back where he "nominates" Walmart for the NPP:
...for its significant contributions to society, for improving the U.S. and world economies, for directly creating more than two million jobs worldwide at its retail outlets and helping to support many thousands of jobs indirectly for all of the thousands of suppliers to Wal-Mart, and for its contributions to improving the lives of millions of lower-income consumers by offering "Everyday Low Prices." 
Perry's piece also contains an informative five-minute video if you're interested.