Thursday, March 7, 2013

A new psychological disorder

It's called Deficit Attention Disorder, and its discoverer is economist Steven Landsburg.  He postulates its existence in a very clever and witty discussion about how the Dems are determined to avoid talking about reducing the deficit.  And along the way, he skewers Paul Krugman, always enjoyable.  Here's a fun excerpt:
The Republicans claim they want to deal with that crisis. (There’s some legitimate question about how sincere they are, but they at least say they want to deal with it.) The Democrats say: Okay, but let’s also talk about raising taxes. Maybe they’d also like to talk about redecorating the Rotunda; this seems roughly as pertinent. In other words, the Democrats attempt to deflect attention from the crisis (or the alleged crisis) by insisting that we talk about some other thing at the same time — and then they insist that the Republicans, by insisting that we focus on the issue at hand, are “betraying their fanaticism”. And they’ve managed to find a Nobel-prize winning economist willing to parrot this nonsense almost daily on the pages and webpages of the New York Times.
Absolutely worth the read (as is usually the case with Landsburg's posts).