Thursday, February 28, 2013

Students: Job opportunity promoting liberty!

If you're a graduating senior and interested in a career promoting the ideas advocated here at On Liberty Street, here's an opportunity for you:
The Koch Associate Program is a full-time job opportunity that equips individuals with the skills to advance free society throughout their careers. In addition to working in a full-time position at a partner organization , associates build their knowledge, skills, and network through weekly professional education and management training at the Charles Koch Institute. Positions are available for candidates with 0-10 years of work experience. Associates receive pay that is competitive and commensurate with their work experience and education level; benefits are included. The 2013-14 program begins in June 2013. Visit to learn more and apply.
If you're not a senior, keep in mind these programs are offered almost every year, so it may well be in your interest to contact them to learn more anyway.